As soon as Charlie started sleeping, I felt way better and felt like me again (kinda). And I started feeling bored. REALLY?! I just wanted to go away on a trip. I even looked at going to Europe, just because. I always thought that the best time to travel would be while you are on mat leave. When else do you have all that time off? Jarryd was too busy with work so it didn’t happen. Anyways, instead I just went to Kyneton on a girls’ weekend, with Charlie.

It was quite hectic.

I went away with two of my best girlfriends. We’ve been wanting to go away for years, but it was never the right time. Now with a 3-month-old, we thought now or never. Charlie was already showing signs of being a chilled baby, so I thought I’d go for it. The girls and I love wine so we thought to go to a town that has lots of wineries (not really thinking we would be with Charlie!).

The plan was to get to the house on Friday night, cook dinner at home and have a few drinks, go to a few wineries of Saturday, go out for dinner and come home on Sunday.

Let’s talk about packing!!!!!!

It was my FIRST trip since Charlie was born, so I was VERY ANXIOUS to go outside the house for 3 days. I wasn’t sure what to bring, what I would need, what clothes Charlie would wear, what temperature it would be, etc. Just a quick advice, there was a washing machine at the house, so I did 2 loads while I was there. So I could have brought WAY LESS!!

On Friday, we arrived at the house and chose our rooms. Setting up the portacot was quite the challenge (because I had never done it before, not even a practice run!). But I, with help, succeeded. Then we walked to the shops and bought food for the weekend. Another winning moment was that Charlie didn’t need food! YAY! Breastfeeding all the way! Then we cooked, ate, drank, fed Charlie, pumped and dumped. Putting Charlie to sleep was the hardest. The girls were trying to help with the feeding, etc. but it was hard. Instead they were managing dinner and dishes and I was managing baby. We went to bed late and I didn’t have the greatest night. Charlie woke up a few times. I had to feed him a bottle during the night. That was the worst. The bottle wasn’t ready, then I had to heat it up while he was crying, trying not to wake up the girls.

Saturday we decided to go to wineries. It took us so long to get ready; we left the house at 1:00pm!! Just in time to go to 1 winery. It wasn’t entirely my fault! We had lunch at Kyneton Ridge Estate. It was great, except we were the only ones in there. As we were getting ready to go, Charlie told me he was hungry. So I fed him a bottle in the restaurant while the staff were pretending they didn’t care we were still there!

After leaving the winery, we decided to try a new gin bar and we did a gin tasting. Charlie was GREAT, the GREATEST baby ever. As soon we entered I went to the bathroom to change him. No change table, no problem. I changed him on the floor (using a mat of course). I was a bit disappointed there was no change table though. The bar seems to be very kid/baby-friendly as there were lots of young children and the owners/staff were so nice and didn’t seem to care that their bar was more like a childcare centre. But there is no change table in the bathroom. Then we decided to get take-away and eat at home as I would need to put Charlie to bed. The girls would have liked to eat out but they understood and were happy to go home as well. We made an antipasto platter, had dinner with beautiful wine and went to bed.

Sunday, we cleaned up and decided to go out for brunch at a lovely café. But it wasn’t all pink and charming… Charlie was sitting on me and I realized I was wet and so was the chair. Oh dear. How did this happen? I still don’t know today. I quickly got my stuff from the baby bag and ran to the toilet. Which was OUTSIDE. It was raining and I realized there wouldn’t be a change table in those OUTSIDE TOILETS. So I went back to the table and I probably looked shocked and confused. The ladies sitting at the table next to us told me I should change Charlie on the seat at the table. They said they had kids. THANK GOD. I just felt so stressed out and didn’t want to disturb anyone. But people don’t care. Most people didn’t notice.

After brunch I was SO ready to come home!